South Town Invades Tekken 7

You read that correctly fight fans and before I begin, Good Morning to you all! This was an epic weekend at Evo 2017 with a lot of gaming news happening. Right now I am floored at the news of Fatal Fury hitting the battle of Tekken 7 by introducing Geese Howard as a playable fighter. Blew my freaking mind I tell you. Lets watch the incredible trailer.

So we have Akuma from Tekken and now Geese from SNK hitting the world. I am quite interested in how he will play in the Tekken Universe and quite frankly he does fit the style of the world. I’ve enjoyed 3D fighters way more than side scrolled 2D fighters, even though Fatal Fury did have foreground and background transitions. You can strategically jump to the further background to dodge attacks and come back to the same play level with an attack. It was frustrating at times when my friend would keep jumping back and forth just to evade me, but it was new the genre.

I am looking forward to the Winter release of Geese Howard and I will see you on the battlefield gamers. Please check out our Tekken 7 review by clicking here.Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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