Wtf Gamers: Is Gaming too Hard?

So, check this sh*t out gamers. There have been some issues for a while with gamers and particular games. Either they are too hard or not hard enough and I ask where is the middle ground here? I had a much-heated discussion with someone on this matter and I felt they took it too personally and made me question their status as a gamer. Today is Wtf Wednesday and we are starting off this Wtf Gamers segment about the difficulty in video games!

I remember the hardest game I played was Double Dragon 3 on the NES, but then I played Ninja Gaiden 2 which almost made me break everything. The list goes on and on with the difficulty of video games, but it made me a better gamer that I am today. I come from an era where we didn’t have to save points and had to use codes to get extra lives. Yes, some games did have password points, but the most difficult of games you had to muscle through it and hope to not get a game over or have to start from the very beginning all over again. Freaking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES had that problem because A. it was difficult and B. it was a badly designed game in most aspects. It was the bad design that made it difficult to handle certain levels, especially the impossible areas to gain a power up. I laugh incredibly at some video streams playing old titles showing how bad some of the levels were made which in truth was the difficulty versus it actually being a hard game.

Let’s jump a few years to the Xbox where Ninja Gaiden makes a return and this was before Dark Souls came out which I will get into in a bit. Ninja Gaiden was re-introduced by Team Ninja Tecmo and the famed Tomonobu Itagaki who believed in the difficulty in his games and how to challenge us as gamers. I remembered dying from the first boss fight, hell the first tutorial area where you had to face your master who was wielding Nunchaku. It took a while, but I learned my mistakes and started to use the wall more to defeat him. You see I learned and adapted which made me handle the game better from there and that’s the great thing about challenging.

This also can be said for The Last of Us, which at the time I was working at GameStop a friend of mine told me straight up, “Play the game on the hardest difficulty to get the full experience.” He was indeed right and it was even a better experience with the new game plus difficulty. It forced me to use my items sparingly, caused me to be more cautious in areas and scavage for items to craft. It was more careful than anything in order to get through the game and my god the trophies at the end were well worth it.

Nerf This!

I can’t stand when gamers scream that something needs to be nerfed instead of figuring out the flaws and conquering it. This is going into the online aspect when it comes to fighting games, FPS or MMO’s. This character is too O.P or this weapon is too O.P, I say quit your bitching! As my homie VulpixVixenkelz Stated,

Some of those ‘retro games’ I still dream of beating just damn difficult but that’s how they kept us entertained back then. I remember taking my console over to my friends house so they could complete it for me. I get so annoyed when people wanna nerf parts of the game and devs feel they have to, to keep people entertained shocking. Pisses me off!

That statement made me think of the sawed off Shotgun in Gears of War 2 that gamers were complaining about and they nerfed it, brought it back to being O.P and then nerfed it again. if a player spends their time learning to master a character, weapon or skill there is an automatic cry to nerf it. At times I tend to ask, “Did you even try to figure out how to defeat it?” There are those that try to use the same weapon as that person and can’t get the same results as they did, so it takes away their opinion that “Anyone can use that thing and get kills.” Except for you sport…except for you!

I feel that many gamers are too spoiled now that they have access to developers and a way to cry to them about their titles. I raged a lot in games, but I didn’t hate them they were fun, especially a title called Valdis Story by my friends which I raged a lot at times during boss fights. It was a special kind of difficult side-scroller RPG that I respected. You want a real challenge, try playing Contra without the Konami code or hell Battletoads or even Wipeout on PS1. Hand-eye coordination and timing at its best baby!

Take this under consideration for those of you that feel games are not hard enough and you are in my age range. Maybe you came to that point in your life where you need to start off any game on the hardest difficulty level. Just maybe you are just that good where you need a different kind of challenge. For those of you crying that it is too hard, well all I can say is go read a book or something because you are dismissed! – Beast Out

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  • the only ones i can think of are battle toads, contra , and festers quest,
    the mother of all *CENSORED* is without a doubt TMNT, that *CENSORED* dynamite water mission ><

    we had our games with zero save points , but sometimes passwords * bugs bunny and his YTKX code* which was a 99 level selector …
    i swear man these kids have no clue the level of RAGE we had back in the day , and if they are whining about that ,remind them WE HAD ZERO INTERNET , ZERO …. so it was even worse , you had to pRAY your buddy knew something you didnt or else the situation was FRAKKED .

  • EITHER WAY , TEN OUT OF 5 STARS , cus its accurate as hell

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