Yakuza Kiwami Digital Pre-Orders are now Live

Hey, folks! I know it been a minute since my last review but boy does I have some hot news for you today. For those of you that don’t know Sega’s Yakuza Series has been a sensation here in the States with its last title Yakuza 0, but Sega ain’t letting the momentum drop. With Yakuza 6 expected to make a huge debut the best way for Sega to keep fans hyped up with next month ’s release of Yakuza Kiwami! In fact, you can go pre-order the game right now digitally on PSN! While you boot up the PS4 check out what Sega has in store for you.

So for those of you Yakuza fans, your eagerness for digital preorder will be rewarded with 2 bad ass themes featuring 2 very familiar faces the Legendary 4th Chairman himself and his oath brother Akira Nishikiyami. So before you get back to bashing thugs skulls into the pavement please do adjust your PS4 to fit the mood.

Now for those of you who like the more traditional route and pre-order a hard copy your Yakuza Kiwami will come with a swanky SteelBooklet decked out with some kickass artwork. But supplies are limited so get to your local Game Stop ASAP!

The preorder goodies may be different so choose wisely but the epic badassery to come is for everyone’s luxury. The cutscenes are very in-depth going deep into the ins&out or “Lore” of the Yakuza series, Tons of side minigames “MesuKing Battle Bug Beauties” Pocket Car racing, new hostesses, and tons of sub stories will sure to give players an extra bang for their buck! But what is Yakuza without everyone’s favorite one-eyed gangster Goro MadDog Majima? Well, get ready because Goro will be popping up ready to curb stomp Kiriyu at random! That’s right Yakuza Kiwami will come equipped with the “Majima Everywhere” system and of course, it wouldn’t be Majima if he doesn’t show up dressed in something outrageous. So players are on your P&Qs because Majima will pop up whenever, wherever, wearing whatever.

Yakuza Kiwami Features: 
  • A Family Patriarch’s Ransom of New Content – “Kiwami” literally translates to “extreme,” and the game was named that for good reason. Not just a simple graphical upgrade, Kiwami adds nearly 30 minutes of cutscenes alone, providing all-new insight into the game’s plot and creating common threads with series prequel Yakuza 0. There’s also added distractions (Pocket Circuit car racing, MesuKing: Battle Bug Beauties, new hostesses, and more), side quests, combat updates, re-recorded Japanese dialogue, and more to bring the original Yakuza game into the latest console generation.
  • A Place for Newcomers and Veterans – Yakuza Kiwami is the ultimate bridge in the series: newcomers or those whose Yakuza experience started with Yakuza 0 will have familiar, exacting controls, top-notch SEGA localization, and a solid starting point for entering the Yakuza franchise fresh. Veterans will experience a familiar Kamurocho and plot, but with new levels of story depth and graphical polish.
  • But it was me! Majima! – Completely new to Kiwami is the “Majima Everywhere” system, where the series’ deranged, one-eyed maniac will constantly surprise and challenge Kiryu to combat when he least expects it. We’re talking “popping out of a goofy costume” levels of surprise, so players must stay on their toes and be ready to defend themselves from Kiryu’s chief rival.
  • Extreme Revitalization – Kiwami is rebuilt from the ground up with all new HD assets, exclusive Japanese voice audio re-recorded by the series cast, and more; optimized for the PlayStation 4 and running in 1080p/60fps. And following suit with SEGA’s commitment to the Yakuza series, the game will release in both physical and digital formats in the west.

For most of us school folk, we are dreading the week of the 29th. But Sega’s got a little something that’s bound to bring your gaming summer to a kick ass end. So, mark those calendars for August 29th because Yakuza Kiwami hits the USA for $29.99!

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