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It has been a while since I have been to any con and finding out a few months ago about Play NYC by my peoples at Video Game Tidbits just made me jump for a ticket. For those that do not know Play NYC is trying to bring an all gaming convention to us here in New York City. I mean yes we have PAX East in Boston, but so far all we have is NYCC and the Anime cons that happen, so why not complete the circle with an all video game based con? Let’s take a look at the video.

There were three floors to venture off and explore. I have to say that the staff was pretty chilled and made sure you understood the rules once going upstairs. It was quite cramped for the developers to have their games displayed in such tight areas to move around. However, everyone was good about keeping certain areas moving and the fact that there were proper seating areas was a nice touch. So the Terminal 5 area was good for comfort, but not great for capacity.

The games that were being showcased were vast and sadly I could not reach them all. I met up with the team that developed Next Up Hero coming out soon for all platforms. Great game about not expecting to win and failing doesn’t mean it is the end. The spirits of other dead heroes can be revived as echoes and be used to help you continue the fight until you have to go back in again. Think of it as a stepping off point to make you stronger.

I got to check out Sumer again upstairs on the second floor. I met the team a while back at a Playcrafting event at the Microsoft building where they showcased their game which is an interesting multiplayer. The objective is to serve the gods and be the best one to do so with your helpers in order to have the most points to ascend to the light. It is fun and nerve racking at times, but a great party game to check out.

Then on stage, my peoples at Bifuteki was hosting a live twitch panel interviewing the developers that are presenting at Play NYC on the play-crafting channel. It was good seeing them after a long period of time, especially my homie Tanya a.k.a AmazonAgent. Her and Alexis Pimpscooby actually interviewed the developers of Sumer and played a few rounds with them. That was fun to watch.

There were a few things outside of gaming there even though this nifty device can be used for gaming which is the Fidgetly Ctrl spinner device. This nifty Bluetooth enabled fidget spinner controls your music and certain video games. The video above goes into some details on how it can benefit someone into music, but I saw it was capable of other things. Gentlemen told me that it has 360-degree motion sensors that can track your stats with this nifty app. From what he told me about what it can control and the possibility if done correctly could control a drone with some simple movements that are. However, I just saw the DJ potential for my homie Darealwordsound who could use that at his concerts just for showman purposes without a turntable to scratch or mix tracks.  A fidget spinner that goes beyond its own original purpose caught my eye.

It was going checking out all the games and potential to meet some cool developers. I am looking forward to next year and maybe I will get more interviews involved. But for now it was a tiring weekend especially the Nintendo World Championships that happened in the Bronx that I missed and the Nintendo Summer of Play at Dumbo Brooklyn as well. If you were at Play NYC, what was your favorite area to check out? – Beast Out –

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  • Lady Arsenic (BLaZeD MaNiAc)

    Looked like a amazing day homie! Omg I lost it at the fidget spinner, on the video I’m thinking now we gonna have fidget djs..

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