BF 1 Incursions After Thought at EA Gamescom

Battlefield 1 community, lend me your ears for a moment as we take a deeper look at what we just witnessed today at the EA Conference at Gamescom 2017. I know a few people that I used to battle with were tickled pink in hearing what is in-store for them as they venture into the digital world of World War 1.

We are going to have Lady Arsenic share her thoughts on the new Incursions competitive mode to kick things off.

One thing that utterly disappoints me, is that Battlefield has always been the game to stand out with large battles, massive destruction, and the utter chaos you experience that changed everytime you load into the game.

5v5 is never a bad thing, I mean only every other fps franchise does this, because of the negative views battlefield already gets from most eSports fans when you say Battlefield in the same sentence, I don’t believe a 5v5 will really be the wow factor to market battlefield to get eSports fans of other fps to become a fanbase for battlefield.

I agree with most 8v8, 12v12 minimal is even more intense to watch and highly doable. Blameing that teams cannot organize more then 5 players efficiently is just a lazy excuse, I witness this daily, let alone have done so myself plenty of times, along with micro managed within a secondary large team playing nothing but 12v12,16v16,24v24 on BF4, let along see this happening weekly since RAS launched in bf1. Cost of events would cost more, however if the “hype” is watching something that has never been done before is there, anything is possiable. God we even use to have halo lan party’s with 8 people plus lol.

I respect the reply that when we experiance this it feels like battlefield. Well it will be played on battlefield, maybe a squad deathmatch type mode with 5v5v5v5 Now that would be entertaining to play and feel like battlefield. But I’ve never ever thought of low player counts to be battlefield like not even when playing DOM or TDM currently.

I also respect that competitive is finally getting officially aknowleged in anyform with battlefield in the title, just alot of disappoint, with one my main concerns being you are testing this mostly on PC. Which worrys me further considering (with no bash at all to pc) console player base is where esports really is in the majority of FPS titles. – Lady Arsenic

First off we will touch base on the Pros and the Cons of the matter. Let’s get the cons out the way.


I can see how this takes away the essence of Battlefield on a large-scale loses its appeal when it is shrunk down to five vs. five. Battlefield stood out from the other titles because you get your action while being more team based in a larger scale. You have to be able to see that copying something without doing something better than the competition will cause a problem. What will make you stand out besides keeping some elements of battlefield like classes and vehicles? What is going to stop players on a smaller scale from going all Rambo and doing things their way instead of being a team? Now, Bosch of Hardcore League made some interesting points in that aspect to just add a few more players to keep it interesting.

See, not for nothing, but making the Alpha exclusive to the PC was a bad move. Right there, what you did is what Clarence did with his crew to Alex Murphy in 1987 Robocop 1. There is a level of betrayal and worry and for good reason when it comes to a big scale being shrunk to a smaller scale. Trying to be down with other FPS when you were the thread setter, to begin with.


On the business side of things, it has potential in bringing in other audiences to the Battlefield 1 realm. This is going to be more of a fast-paced competitive scene. As gaming becomes more known around the world and competitions are vast, hell there are talks of eSports coming to the Olympics. So, with Battlefield being a huge game and can last quite awhile is not going to be ideal for many viewers. The attention can be lost to most and have it a 5 vs 5 would make battles faster and intense in the rush.

They are keeping the same formula with Battlefield as you will still have classes and still have to work as a team, but not on a grand scale. Another note is an easy way to travel competitors to competitions vs. having a total of 64 people. It is more about convenience in most aspects.

Final Thought:

Okay, in my general opinion, Don’t go changing! Honestly, the competitive aspect is fine the way it is, you can use certain most that are genuinely intense enough to keep anyone glued and shows the true aspect of teamwork when you have the right squad.  It is not necessary when the game already works on a huge competitive scale.

I open the floor to you fans of all first person shooters. What do you think about the Incursion announcement? How do you feel it will change battlefield in a good or bad way? In that expect the Alpha of Incursions to hit exclusively to PC this September 2017. – Beast Out

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