Closed Alpha Update for Nelo

Oh boy, it has been a while since our last update of Nelo, but that is fine because the developers of Magic and Mirror’s are hard at work to bring us something special. As a backer or as many of you know that you tend to get updates of new information and today we have for you a Closed Alpha gameplay video that I hope will tickle your fancy in this upcoming adventure.

I know updates have been less frequent but it’s only because we have been grinding hard on getting the Closed Alpha ready for you guys sometime in September. In the Closed Pre-Alpha, we had about 2 hours of a playable campaign. The Closed Alpha, however, will have the entire first act of the campaign available which is twice the playtime of the Pre-Alpha. We also are working on the Cinematics for this first act and other really cool things that we are not ready to reveal. We do want to tease you some of the gameplay you will experience in the Alpha Build.



Hmmm, first off I am digging the commentary so far from Nelo himself. He has that action hero kind of attitude that I can get behind. There are some concerns I am having with the motion blur effect that is happening during the battle sequences. It took me until the end of the second fight to realize the guys in the room were my allies because there is a lot of confusion going in the fight. The change of angles is a great touch but feels a bit overwhelming at times. I am hoping for better defenses and dodging abilities. It is apparent that Nelo is a super Soldier and at the speeds, he is moving I should be able to dodge better or accumulate a better shield. That cluster f*ck of fire was crazy intense and I at times lost sight of Nelo.

Here’s a still shot of one of the Animatics. Using a powerful real-time game engine makes this part of the cinematic process far more presentable.

We are aiming to tell an epic story along with the crazy action while delivered in a well-presented experience. When working on the game’s cinematics, our process begins with building the sets, character placements, and camera placements. We then start animating the cameras and edit camera cuts in sync with the scene’s dialogue.
Before we make the actual character animations, we start with the in-game idle and walk animations as a placeholder. This stage of the process is called an Animatic, but the use of game character animations and real-time render gives off the vibe of Machinima, like the Rooster Teeth iconic series, Red vs Blue. So we started coining the term “Machinimatic”. One great perk of making a Machinimatic over a traditional Animatic is the scenes are already fully lit and beautifully rendered which makes visualizing the final pass much easier than a grey-shaded playblast.
Once we get our scene layouts and edits, we need to make a unique animation for the scene. We are animating all of our characters by hand. But instead of just animating off the top of our heads we start by recording ourselves performing the characters with a video camera. This helps us better see the shift of character weight and timing of movements.

Being all that said being in Pre-Alpha and looking that good shows some dedication from the developers really trying to bring us something magical. So, I am patiently waiting to see what happens during the Alpha and Beta stages until we see a finalized product. I wish this was coming out for consoles and I hope you enjoyed this preview. Be sure to check back for more information as it develops. Please take a look at the Kickstarter page of Nelo and Happy Friday gamers! – Beast Out –

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