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Zombie games are quite popular as many of you know, so Deadly Alliance promises to give us a new take on the survival horror genre by weaponizing the undead. Right now we are playing on the PlayStation 4 and by we, I mean Lady Arsenic joins the fight as she is the leading expert when it comes to zombie titles. This is an open beta on the PlayStation 4, so let us dive into it and see if it is worth it.

I have some footage of us playing and it is raw, but before I get into that let’s talk about the game a bit more. There is not much about the game since this is mainly a multiplayer PVP battle. There are two teams one red and the other green. You are mercenaries with different classes to choose from. Once in the game, you will have your choice of strategy while trying to kill the other team by using the undead. There are a few items to combine like the distractor grenade and the Pam grenade. Once you throw the lure to get a good group of zombies throw in the Pam that will cause them all to run towards your enemies and brutally take them down. There is also a pheromone drop that can also bring in a horde of zombies either to kill or use for aggression.

Sounds fun right? Well, sadly the execution does not translate well in the game. Yes, I am well aware that is this a beta and I am usually open minded when it comes to that factor, but this game is pretty bad. To start things off Lady and I started a party to join one another and as we thought that being in the same party we would play together. The results of that were false because for three games we ended up on opposite sides which made no sense. Going into the game finally, it was just a cluster f*ck of problems as Lady fell through the map, just like a ninja turtle she was shell shocked. Zombies were squeezing out of weird places that didn’t seem natural at all. As if they were just teleporting through boxes and walls, out of concrete grounds since the first map we were in a factory.

The weaponry was a bit janky at times where some felt the same or did little to no damage at all. In short, the game felt more like a pre-alpha than a beta. The sad part is Deadly Alliance is releasing on August 29th, 2017. That is way too soon to release something this broken.

Listen, you have a good concept here and I would suggest taking your time in releasing this product. Even at 30 dollars, I do not see this is proper to spend money on. In that, you can see the rest in the video located below. If you have played the game, please feel share your thoughts. – Beast Out –

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma
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