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History has always been a weird mistress and as I grew older the stuff of history that I learned in school was not all true. It is weird as you get older you start doing research and you want to go back to school and slap your teachers for not doing their freaking job popular! Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder defines history with one simple notion. Wars were won with Huge Boulders that made your enemies scream like little babies! This is a free review copy by the way, but that will not sway our final judgment and without further delay enjoy.

What is Rock of Ages 2? I am glad you ask because at first I was confused about it until I remembered my fellow gamer WithSteve played it on PC not too long ago which was hilarious in the multiplayer fashion. So in part two, you are Atlus and he makes a bumbling mistake dropping the world causing Pangaea to crack. This resulted in a new world, but as you venture off you face against histories greatest and weirdest icons. You will literally have to run through art history to escape the consequences of your mistake by fighting through a tower defense, racing as well as part art history lesson levels. It is freaking creepy when you face off against Vincent Van Gough…creepy one ear spider thing. Rolling around in your boulder you will have to go through obstacles in order to obtain new equipment for the tower defense portions of battle.

Getting through Early Renaissance to Surrealism while facing historic figures in the respective time period as Atlas which Atlus wants to be clear that there is no relation. He will need all the strategy he can muster in order to survive.


  • Up to 4-person Multiplayer – A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, so that’s why ACE Team decided to up the gate-smashing stakes by beefing up the multiplayer features of the game. Play with up to four players online or locally in a 2v2 match to the crushing death with the ability to customize banners and colors for your “units.” Plus, the tracks now intersect, so you can knock the enemy rocks to get an advantage.
  • Utter Chaos – Expanding on the first game with a more diverse selection of units and a larger focus on rock-smashing strategy in Bigger & Boulder, chaos reigns supreme! Just don’t take each turn for granite!
  • Improved Physics and Destructible Environments – Developed in Unreal Engine 4, Rock of Ages 2 has upgraded physics. Crack, crush, slam and flatten more! It’s the most fun you can have rolling rocks down a big hill!
  • ACE Team’s Trademark Quirkiness – With humor turned up to 11, players will literally (well, digitally) rock and roll through the ages. Famous historical and mythological figures beware.
  • Historically Inaccurate Bosses – Take on works of art come to life in boss battles featuring the likes of The Thinker and the Great Sphinx, leading up to the all-powerful final boss in a showdown like you’d never imagine!


It is important to know each and every terrain in order to make it to the gate before your opponent can get to you. In the racing portion, you will need to roll your boulder with caution as forward is with the left analog stick as well as steering, but pulling back and slow the ball down. You use the right analog to control the camera and there is a jump button to get passed certain defenses or find a slick shortcut through levels. The first action is to build your defenses where you will be able to see the map your enemy will be running on which is an exact match to the one you will be running. The only differences is that your defenses will not match. You must anticipate that your enemy will have better items than you do.

I also noticed that having the mining is a bit confusing. In the beginning, you will set up the kind of boulders you want and the items you want to use. I do recommend getting the mining tools to drop in front of gold mines on the field to build more money fast. Keep in mind at where you do build because you are trying to cause chip damage, slow downs and certain defense can launch a boulder off the map to slow down your enemy. Plan you pieces out accordingly and if you are done before the enemy you can continue to set up defenses while they are rolling, but it does take time so be mindful.

At times it will be unfair because your enemy will have defenses that are way powerful than you have already unlocked and this is playing on normal setting which they seem to be on a harder difficulty. William Wallace, for example, is a tough nugget to defeat since he has a boulder that is far superior to yours and seems to build a lot faster that gives him an advantage in going first. Also, it seems that some opponents are quite cunning when it comes to dodging your defenses and placing items properly. It is a nice frustrating challenge, but frankly, you will learn or adapt.

There are many boulders to unlock each holding particular skills. For example, I have a tar ball that will make it difficult to build defenses as it paves through. So you can use the line it made as your way to the finish line to bash open the gates.

Once you are done with the campaign or if you rather just skip to the silly antics take it online for a four player brawl. This is where things get high in sodium vs. human opponents than the already difficult AI computer. If you can’t find an opponent the game will gladly provide an AI for you to fight until you get a human duel. That way the game keeps going.


It looks beautiful going through all the different paint styles that I recognize having to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art all those months in College…ugh. I loved the art of Joan of Arc, but it was weird that her boulder was a balloon which had more bounce but quite weak on an attack. The flat animations of each character are quite funny and the voice acting commentary was well done. It is a Mel Brooks kind of take on history in certain ways. As stated earlier with Van Gough being a creepy spider attacking Atlas with his art style there is Joan of Arc picking apples peacefully until she gets all violent.

The Bad: 

Personally, this is not my cup of tea in video games. I felt that starting off the game feels that you are already a veteran and just throws you into the deep end of the pool even after the tutorial. Even when switching to easy it was a bit of a chore and insanely ridiculous on how many items the enemies can have vs. what you start off with only just four slots. Multiplayer is a nice addition as always and can create a more dynamic of humor and fun. In its simplicity, it is full of complications.


Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder offers an eccentric take on history, tower defense, and racing. Being that you will have stress on defending your own base while trying to drive the boulder through your enemies defenses for the proper victory is funny and fun. It can be repetitive at times and I personally lose interest in the weird difficult situations that make no sense and doesn’t feel put in a fair learning ground. The campaign itself can be skipped, not much going on with the interesting story that could be, but only to unlock other features. All and all you get a lot with the game for only $19.99 especially a free Bind of Isaac boulder and a $1.99 classic pack to boot or you can get the base game for $14.99 on all three platforms. It is a nice gesture and I give it  3 out of 5 paws.

Rock of Ages II is available now in the Steam marketplace and will be out on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One August 29th, 2017. Check it out if you want a good and intriguing challenge with your friends. I hope you enjoyed this review and please check back for more news, previews and other reviews. – Beast Out



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