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Well, folks, it’s here. The end of the end of summer is right around the corner and he’s ready to pull the plug on all the extra hours you’ve spent gaming your asses off. Now I’m sure many gamers have spent their summer days on the hot new titles, DLC’s, updates, going to tournament etc and aren’t ready to just folk over your gaming bliss without a fight. Lucky for you Sega’s got one of the last hot titles for the summer. Wanna cap off your summer of gaming on a kick ass note? Before you go getting ready to set the alarms for morning classes, school in general, or the 9-5, pick up Yakuza Kiwami. Because this game will definitely be your gunshot, smashing skull into the pavement, explosions action packed awesome end to your gaming summer.


It’s 1995 in the city of Kamurocho and the city is starting to look up. After the events of Yakuza 0, the cities restoration project is greenlit As bars, garbage, and drunkards disappear from the streets one thing hasn’t changed. The place is still crawling with Yakuza including the 2 brothers of the Kazuma family Kiryu Kazuma and Akira Nishikiyama. After the events of Zero, needless to say, things are looking up for Kiryu. All of his fighting and beating the pulp out of punks & asshole Yakuza are finally paying off because he’s next in line for a promotion. The family patriarch of the Kazuma Clan, but if it’s one thing Kiryu better start getting used to it’s that things never go smoothly. After Nishi caps (kills) another family patriarch (if you played Zero, this guy legit had it coming! Props to Nishi!) Kiryu always ready to take the heat and do the right thing to take the attention off his brother. This includes a 10-year rap in jail. After being paroled, Kiryu is thrust back into the city and the Yakuza he once knew. But a lot can change in 10 years… including people.


As far as graphics and sound go, everything is on the up and up. The game is easy on the eyes and the ears. But the true gym here is the combat. For those of you just coming off of Zero, don’t get too excited because none of the dough invested into combat transfers over. But the three combat styles are back only this time the way they are leveled up are totally different. For those of you who haven’t had the luxury of playing Zero yet, let me catch you up to speed. There’s the Rush which is a speed based style, Brawler which is a mix of power and speed, and Beast a powerful style of combat. There is also a new edition to the combat family the “Dragon of Dojima Style” a special form of Kiryu’s legendary ass whipping that he’ll have to relearn and deliver. Because let’s face it, 10 years in the joint has made Kiryu quite rusty.

There are four areas to level up in Kiwami Soul to level up heats, tech to learn new moves, Body for strength & hp, and finally Dragon. The cool thing here is that where the other 3 areas use CP to level up, the only way to level up Dragon is to fight Goro Majima which thanks to the “Majima Everywhere” feature you’ll have no trouble running into him. He can get pretty tough and is hard to outrun so be ready for Majima at all times!

Aside from beating punks into the pavement, there are tons of other ways to gain CP which will sure to keep players playing and not becoming bored. There are 78…. That’s right 78 sub-stories and a ton of mini-games to play ensuring hours of gameplay per usual with the Yakuza franchise.


Yakuza Kiwami is a remake of Yakuza 1. Since I hopped on the franchise at 3 I hadn’t got to play the first 2 installments. But Sega forever being awesome brought a very kick ass remake to the table. Considering that there have been some remakes in gaming history (who shall remain nameless) that have got it all wrong in the past. I am happy to see Sega didn’t disappoint here. So Yakuza Kiwami walks off with a 5/5. This title is definitely worth it and will cap off a happy end to your gaming summer.

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  • Jose

    I will get this game. That I promise you along with Yakuza 0. Well done review my friend.

    • Thanks for stopping by and checking out the review. Really appreciate it.

      • Jose

        You’re welcome. As a fellow reviewer myself, you did well.

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