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Hows your reaction time? Do you feel that you are coordinated enough to speed through a level with such precision that you have an audience that pops out of nowhere just to get you applause? We can definitely put that to the test in Mystic Melee from Serenity Forge.


The world of Mystic Melee brings you a spectacular mix of physics-based platforming, melee, and imaginative spells. You’ll have to master unexpected combinations of all three in order to defeat the many challenges and evils you’ll face.

It is all about beating the clock as you start off each stage you will have to use quick decisions in your actions. As you go through different characters that have a Super Sentai-style to them all controlling different elements. You will have to use their skills to beat the clock. You start things off with Gale and of course, as you take on the tutorial to get a footing on how everything works, it turns to sorrow as Graven kills your master. This is where we band together to get the heroes and face off against this evil! Just be mindful of your time and get ready to rage a bit.

Mystic Melee definitely is a game you will fail in order to learn from your mistakes and keep in mind even though it is still in Early Access, it feels complete. The controls are quite and it is highly recommended to use a gamepad. While using your normal attacks you will be gifted with two sub elemental attacks that will help you get through some of the puzzles through the levels. This is all in the single player campaign that will transition you through all four heroes like an introduction, but sadly I was blocked after unlocking the stone Monk Torr who is my favorite at the moment. You will have Storm, Water and Fire runners to work with, so try them out and see who you fit well with.

Once you had your fill of single player, you will have an opportunity to jump on multiplayer to have a battle royal. Face off against other players in an Arena style game mode using all of your skills I hope you learned through your adventure. Sadly, I could not get into a match because the search came up empty, but hopefully, I will have something done for that portion of the post soon.

So far, Mystic Melee delivers for those that want something fast and test your quick thinking and the challenge in single player against other players with time and over all score is great fun with replay value. My scores are not that great, but I will definitely go back in again to retry to do better and that’s a great way to promote a game. It is not bad in the Early stages, but I am looking forward to when the game fully unlocks.

As of now, not bad at all and I give it 3.5 out of 5 paws. Check out Mystic Melee right now on Steam Marketplace for Early Access and thanks to Serenity Forge for the review copy. – Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

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