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You’ve ever built a Gundam? Do you remember you the first time you saw a Gundam series and was like, “Damn I want to pilot that?” The first time I watched Gundam was the Wing series and it was the XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe piloted by Duo Maxwell. Why the Deathscythe? Well, it is made for close quarters combat and stealth. It tripped out enemies once when it used its beam Scythe under water and of course, after it was destroyed, it only became more fierce when it returned as Deathscythe Hell which had space flight capabilities. Damn, that was one sexy machine I tell you, but I am no match for other Gunpla Veterans out there that spend hours building their favorites or customizing them as their own. Here we are with the opportunity to pilot some of the greats and many of our favorites in Gundam Vs. Beta out for the PlayStation 4 for everyone at least for this past Labor Day weekend. Join me in the pilot seat as we venture off in mech combat.

What can I say, Gundam Versus is pretty straight forward as you play through different modes with an abundant amount of Gundam’s to choose from through out the history of the series. However, I feel there is a lack of some Gundams as I see nothing from the G Gundam Series no Gundam Build Fighters. Though they do have the latest Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans series in there. After further research, there are some DLC units planned, but still, no G Gundam insight which most likely is because of popularity and many fans didn’t like it too much.

This is our hands on look so here is a preview of what to expect in the Ultimate Battles area of Gundam Vs. I decided to take on the 30 wave and hoping to reach the end. The funny part is I worked well with Unicorn Gundam, but only managed to reach wave 19, but with Heavy Arms from Gundam Wing, I made it up to level 28. Let’s take a look.

Sorry about the lag, I was having some frame-rate issues during recording, but hoping to get a PC upgrade soon enough. In that being said Gundam Versus feels quite solid and I am digging the cooperative play of this game. Digging it when you go into different Boss event waves and they put you up with some online players, but you do have the option to go solo. I do hope that more gamers will communicate via microphone because some of these boss fights need communication at times. However, you will get a match where we versus each other in a 3-way battle. It is all time and the person with the most points will get the most XP that you can use to upgrade your Gundam.

I do enjoy that you can have a set list of favorite Gundams and strikers that are you back up, plus you can have a CPU companion while waiting for waves. Now going into the PVP area I noticed that some fighters are slick at setting up a Two v One scenario. Now, this does not mean you can’t succeed in such a match, just choose your mech wisely in order to handle two players controlled Gundams. Too bad there is no Big Zam to use against them.

So, am I in? Damn right I am going to put my pre-order down asap because it has been a while since I played a Gundam game and it is just good fun which will be available September 29th, 2017. I am almost tempted to just pick up the import version right no, well even though it is quite expensive. Either way, if you played the beta let me read your comments on it. Which Gundams were your favorites to use and which mechs were not added that you wish were? I hope to see you when the game fully releases. – Beast Out

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  • thanks for the info….
    i want toget it,but ill wait for a GOTY version * blew waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much on warframe and my wallet is not talking to me *

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