Virtual on is Back TGS 2017 Reveal

I don’t know about you but Virtual On was one of my favorite fighting robot battle games from back in the Sega Saturn days and loosely on the Dreamcast with an import version. This year’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 has revealed a lot of amazing games that I am already bugging my local shops for information on release dates of the import titles because impatient me would rather learn a new language to play a game than wait for the English release. In that, we have A Certain Magical Virtual On…not the best title to me, but I will take it.

So, who stayed up to watch TGS 2017? I know I did and let’s talk Virtual On. First produced by Sega AM2 back in 1995 which ported to the Sega Saturn and even had a badass Twin Stick controller. Yes, the controller was freaking expensive but was entirely worth it.

Virtual On was a pretty straightforward fighting game with various mechs to choose from that had no human counterpart but in this new adaptation. It seems they are giving it a more Digimon feel towards it for younger and nostalgic fans which are okay by me. I am honestly here for the mechs and the ability to play the new Virtual on for both PlayStation 4 and PSVita, which might I add is about damn time they give the Vita more titles like this to keep it alive or rather resurrect it!

When should we expect an import release? Well, the initial release date overseas is February 15, 2018, which is not too bad since we are coming to a close to 2017. I for one will be brushing up on my Japanese so I can enjoy this title when it becomes available in that, enjoy the trailer below. Oh, before I forget, be sure to check out  for all of your import needs including video games that have not been released in the states, besides it helps us out here on the site if you purchase anything through us. – Beast Out

Look how badass this thing is!!

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma
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