Is the Force Strong with Star Wars Battlefront II?

Oh man, what a weekend filled with gaming, but for us Early Access gamers we were fighting the good fight as either a trooper or a droid in Star Wars Battlefront II Beta. We are going to touch base on a few things, but keep in mind that this is not a review, but sharing what I feel needs to be improved or what I am worried about. Being that this is just the first stage of the beta, which I was given the impression that there will be another before the release date. Consider this something to get to know for you new people out there and those that passed up the first game.

Beta starts off with an awesome message from John Boyega giving us a rundown of what we shall get into. We were able to play in the multiplayer and arcade. Naturally, your gaming beast went right into the multiplayer mode where you rotate between droids and troopers. The big thing about Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the class system that mimics a particular battlefield play style which is never a bad thing. The beauty of the Star Wars BF gameplay is all about working together in order to win.


You have four different options across both ground battle and flight battles. First stop is Naboo where we are to infiltrate the capital as a droid where I Beast Gamer picked the Heavy class. Now, I have a new respect for the Star Wars Universe because I am not used to firing a blaster, because (this may sound odd) I can’t feel the shooting. It is different from firing a regular weapon with bullets with a recoil. Firing blaster is something I have to get used too, but since you have special abilities and when it went into sentry mode using a chain blaster is when I actually felt like I was firing something. You can switch between both third and first person, however, I felt the first person to be better while playing in the third person felt off. Games like Gears of War got it right with a 3rd person over the shoulder firing, but with SW: BF II it didn’t feel right at all.

Teamwork makes the dream work, remember that. As you squad up with friends or randoms at times throughout the map. You will gain points by sticking together and fighting together as it should be. I always have a problem with games that have you earn things individually vs. working as a unit as it should be. As you accumulate enough points you will be able to unlock special characters and as you know most will be going for the high tier characters from the movies. It is not that difficult actually if you work together. As you play as either droid or trooper your movements have improved especially with a nice dodge roll and if I didn’t notice that in the first game I do apologize, but that is nice in an FPS. Brings a new level of evasion which is different from a slide.

Time to blast off to the skies as we travel to Fondor and omg my flying is horrid, at first! I was on the Imperial side rocking the Interceptor. The flight wasn’t too bad being that it was my first time I had to mess with the controls a bit using the left stick to barrel roll and the right analog to steer or move faster. As your ground forces, you will have three different specials to use. I got blown up quite a lot and yes you to will accumulate points in order to use special ships to give you an advantage. I didn’t stay too long, but I had my fun.

It is like being in the Movie:

I should not have to say it, but Criterion knows how to make the visuals pop in their games and I am quite shocked that they worked the title. I mean they came from burnout and now doing an FPS, not too bad. The sound design and the all-around environments give you the feeling you are on these planets as seen in the movies. I was astonished by the water effects and some of the animals in the area, even if we were destroying the city. Flying around gave me such a rush, but I do agree with Lady Arsenic that it did feel a bit slow at times. Getting a glimpse of the story mode in a small movie when clicking on the campaign gave me chills, I am looking forward to the campaign more than the multiplayer, to be honest.

A light dims a bit:

Am I all in? I have to say not totally feeling the force. I find that they need to improve a bit on some of the character designs because playing on the trooper side it was hard to see droid activity since they blend in a bit with the environments. I do feel that some of the special characters are lacking in some abilities even with players cards handy that I failed to mention for which I apologize. For example, Darth Maul is a Sith Lord with a Plasma Sword (I am going to piss people off with that) and he doesn’t have a blaster deflector a guard option? I mean I get having that in regular multiplayer would be problematic, but what about the arcade mode? Can’t I have different abilities that cause deflection for a cool down? That would be nice.

I am no longer worried about microtransactions since it is an option with many games these days, but if you work hard or want to support the game. It is completely up to you. In that, I am not too sure about the gunplay since I have played all different kinds. I am more interested in the Sith and Jedi side of stories, but that is mostly my enjoyment. I can’t really place my full concern, but I did have fun for the most part with what the beta had to offer.

A New Hope:

I do feel a lot of improvements from the first game and this definitely feels like a proper sequel. I am more curious about the storyline than anything because the game stories for years have been fun and you are introducing something unique to offer which I hope is canon for the new movie. I want to get a chance to try out the versus battle that offers split-screen action, but it should have had an online version of it as well. It is a nice feature to have both. We are only a month away, but it feels stable I just want to really get into the story.

All right gamers that is our thoughts on this Star Wars Battlefront II beta, please check back for our full review when it comes out on November 14th, 2017. Also, we are doing a giveaway which you can get details on how you can obtain a free copy of this game in this link right here.

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