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Things have been quite interesting with Destiny 2 in certain ways. The rush to reach level 200, thanking on nightfalls, figuring out the fastest way to get through the raid effectively and of course the return of Iron Banner. We are going to focus our time on that portion of the game and to critique the first season. Was it everything we hoped for and was it an improvement from the first game?

What Iron Banner used to be?

The Iron Banner is a limited-time Crucible event. Unlike normal Crucible matches, level advantages are enabled, meaning that weapons with higher Light do more damage, armor with higher Light resists more damage, and Guardians whose Light level is higher take less damage from those whose light level is lower. Guardians must be at least level 40 or in a fireteam led by Guardian of at least level 40 to participate. – wiki

That’s not what we have anymore. It seems from my experience that is no longer the case and it feels like there is a missing element in Iron Banner that makes it not worth it. This time around we are introduced to challenges and reputation bundles. Each day will feature a difference of 3 challenges to accomplish to get a reputation bundle of fifteen coins. With those coins, you will unlock gear from Shaladan. Before it was the same deal, but the gear was already shown and you just had to earn enough to pick the gear you wanted. Even the marks gave you a boost of XP when you put it on.

What we Have Now?

It is a whole lot of nothing. Yes, you will get “some” iron banner items, but it is back to a random drop system which makes flawed. I have gotten shaders, some guns which some were iron banner themed and one freaking titan helmet! This was playing in 3 days time and putting in hours of work and honestly, the armor set doesn’t grant you much but make you look cool. Check the video below to hear me clearly.

There, of course, I had to ask my fellow gamers I play with their opinion on the Iron Banner and here is MrVadersFist with his thought.

“Upon first inspection, this new Iron Banner feels new and less chaotic with the 4v4 format. You quickly realize however a lot of the issues that affected Year 1 Destiny are back such as dismal drops and a repetition that cloud the overall experience. It’s unfortunate that completing the Iron Banner milestone only grants an emblem and nothing in the way of luminous engrams or more powerful gear. In addition, the crucible suffers as a whole by a meta overrun with the Mida Multi-Tool, Uriels Gift, Last Hope, and the raid rocket launcher. I for one, find myself missing the 6v6 format as it made encounters more chaotic and fun and I also miss bounties which felt like they offered more in the way of rewards than the current ones offered.”

MrsVadersFist adds,

“I feel the loot drop could have been better. It’s insane how many tokens it takes for you to rank up and then you end up getting the same thing you already have.. My one frustration I have with this iron banner is I’ve only gotten the same pieces of armor the whole week. I got the same guns with the same rolls. I enjoyed it but if you didn’t have a team you’re pretty much loosing every single time”

Lady Arsenic joins the conversation,

My issue is that I was looking forward to see what iron banner had to offer. It was one thing in Destiny 1 that I did look forward to because all the time spent grinding for gear, grinding for light, etc actually paid off when finally competing in Iron banner. Destiny 2 however, isn’t really to hard to get good gear. You don’t even have to do all the end-game harder stuff to efficiently get good weapons, higher light, etc. Let alone gear is absolutely meaningless for the most part, yes exotics have perks (but everyone had the same pieces easily), in Destiny 1 Legendary also had added perks. Mods don’t do nothing over the top and most have there mods set the same or equalivant. It does all in the end turn down to person skill, however Crucible quickmatch is like skill that you can jump in day 1, Iron banner end game crucible quick match that you get a participation emblem for in the end after cringing through matchs.
Here comes Unlovedhomie with his thoughts,
Hmm. It failed at making pvp any different but at least it has a non-random playlist. 5 days in and I a still missing a piece of armor for 1 character let alone all 3 characters.

Real talk, when I accomplished the end goal of gaining ten items to get rewarded, I was not expecting some crummy emblem. It was just as bad as Ralphie felt when it found out the secret word was, “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!”

I am hoping that was just to see what us gamers would say about the first installment of Iron Banner, I am hoping for a better experience the next go around. Please feel free to comment below on your thoughts of Iron Banner and be sure to check out our review of Destiny 2 by clicking right here. – Beast Out

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