Detroit: Become Human right in the Feels

What determines one having a soul? Matter fact how do you determine what being human is? Today during the Sony Paris Games Week we were introduced with a new trailer to Detroit: Become Human which is a choice based game with an Ex Machina feel to it. This is an age-old story of A.I. robots rising up to be liberated and free or rather treated like a Human as their creators made them to be. This latest trailer hit a soft spot because you have an Android in a tough situation in which you the player have to make a choice on the outcome. Check it out.

Some may not remember this movie called Bicentennial Man which had the same concept of an A.I develops a soul like Pinocchio. However, I am one of those Human’s that will feel sympathy for a thing that knows how to feel or shows emotion as in this video of Kara being introduced into this home that turns out to be an unstable and abusive situation. The story unfolds as you learn that this is not the first time and you have been broken before and this is where your emotions come into play to make a decision.

I have to say my heart started pounding as I am watching the video because I too have been in this situation, but I was the kid in that scenario and my mother was the one being abused. Yes, this hits home and now you are the one giving a soul to Kara the android in hopes to save the little girl who seems to be sympathetic to you. I like the growth in this video since you have no knowledge of what happened before and you begin to learn of your previous outcome and now things get serious as it escalates.

I’m curious as to how this will play out in the full game, will you have an opportunity to replay the situation differently or will it be a one chance option to make the right call. It is a web of choices that will have a certain outcome, but in the end, it is your choice to make. I can’t wait until this game drops so I can show you all how I would handle this situation. Sadly no official release date other than it is coming in 2018, but you can pre-order or stay posted at In that stay tuned for future information as it develops. – Beast Out

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