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Let’s set the scene, you are playing a professional game with your buddies and then suddenly the stadium starts to shake. An earthquake is happening and you are scrambling to get to safety only until you are suddenly surrounded by sludge that splashes on you. Not the best way to start a Monday, but what comes next is what can be considered as a new evolution as you are transformed into a powerful mutant! Not only that it seems we have Aliens, Orcs, and the Undead even all here to play…Football? Eh, that sounds like an awesome time to me. Welcome fans to a new era of Football in Mutant Football League which is a remake and a return of the famed series.

The Game:

Mutant Football League waste no time in throwing you right into the mix. You have a Play Now option, Play-Offs, Season and Online mode. Each will offer a practice mode to get used to the controls or you can have the tutorial on at all times to give you tips while you play. You have a choice of 17 teams to choose from and as of right now I am using the New Yuck Tyrants (NY Giants) because I am a native of New Yuck City. If you played any standard football game you will get the basics of running plays on either offense and defense.

The new features that make MFL standout even from NFL Blitz which had a unique play style of its own are the brutality. You have two options to play the game either legit or you can kill the whole team. During plays, you will have the option to use the “Dirty Tricks” feature that will be different for each team. For the New Yuck Tyrants, we have Warp Speed, Zap Attack, Ginormous mode and Berserk Mode. Warp Speed gives you a speed boost to gain an advantage while going for either a first down or a touchdown. Berserk mode mutates a player even further to destroy other players in which you can cause a fumble. Now keep in mind you will get dirty tricks for both defense and offense. On the Defense side, you have Ginormous Mode which makes a player into a Giant to cause a fumble as well. Then you have Zap Attack which electrifies a player so no one can touch them and it can be used on both offense and defense side.

Other dirty tricks consist of “Bribe the Ref” and “Attack the Ref”. Bribing the Ref comes in handy if you want the game to into your favor and Attacking the ref is its polar opposite just in case the other team does the same thing. It will end the ref’s dirty deeds and replace them with a new ref after they are destroyed!

Keep in mind that you will not only fight the players, but the field can be your enemy as well. When running plays on either side you will face mines, man-eating worms, lava pits, electrical storms and spike traps. So be mindful of where you are running or you can use the traps to your advantage if being chased.

Out of all that I try to take advantage of killing the other teammates as best as possible to give myself an advantage. Now you can have the option to resurrect players or give yourself the challenge to take that option away. It is still a challenge since you only have a set number of resurrects, so use them wisely.


All the characters have their own special features and gruesome look to them. There will be some teams that are more catered to the name than anything while many will be diverse. You will have your Orcs, Aliens, Mutants, Undead and of course robots. Each field will have environmental hazards and of course weather themes which is not too crazy. The sound effects really bring the hurt and you can set how intense you want the carnage to be.

What I hoped for?

I usually have a bad section, but honestly, it is their first remake and I was not expecting that much, but I do have some things I would hope if they plan on updates or a sequel. I would like a create a player feature or in this case make my own mutant. The teams have set stats, but I would like an option to make them better somehow that I can do with building in a career mode of some sort.

There not much to go on about online mode. You can pick resurrect players or not and then go into random play or create room. You have the option of two-player online or take things a bit more personal with local up to four players. That’s about it and this gives it a better challenge against a human opponent, but be ready for some lag situations.


Mutant Football League was what I expected in a Fantasy Sports game that brought a level of nostalgia that I have not experienced in a while. Do not get me wrong there is still room for improvement, but for a game that is $24.99 I am actually quite impressed. It is still in Early Access and shall be released on October 31st, 2017 and be sure to keep an eye out on the console release in 2018. I just hope there will be more features in the future and updates.

Characters are fun and all have a funny personality, but it can get repetitive rather quickly where you see the same dances and taunts at times. You can set the difficulty higher to give yourself a challenge and of course, the online play is a whole other playing field, but not much room to grow stats or players which I would want in this day and age. We shall see what happens in the future.

MFL gets 4 out of 5 paws. Check it out on the steam marketplace right now and I hope to see you on the field mutants. – Beast Out



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