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What’s up everybody! ShadowJin here and we’re diving into the mad mind of Bethesda’s The Evil Within 2! The first Evil Within definitely was a big surprise hit for me when it came out in 2014. The Evil Within series is directed by Shinji Mikami who is well known for directing the original Resident Evil, Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil 4. If anyone knows how to make a good horror game it’s definitely this guy for sure! For those who have never played the first one, you might feel a bit left out. There’s tons of mind games being played on you, very little ammo, and horrors waiting for you behind every corner. Good Sebastian Castellanos is back and this time it’s a little more personal. This sequel takes place 3 years after the events that happened in Beacon. Sebastian is haunted by what happened at Beacon, his wife has disappeared and he’s still mourning the death of his Daughter. Okay so I’m just going, to be honest here… My homie Sebastian is dealing with a lot and I can’t blame him. Unfortunately, Sebastian is about to have his world flipped upside down yet again when he finds out some revealing news about his daughter. Now I’m not going to spoil the plot but, it’s actually pretty damn good. That’s all I going to say about it.

The juiciest part is in the gameplay, mechanics, and the scares though. This game is essentially bigger than the previous title. There’s a lot of ground for you to explore. To help you explore the horrors of the mysterious town called Union, you’ll have a radio com that’ll help you find side objectives. It is one of the big major things they added to the game. You’ll uncover supplies, secrets and new horrors as you decide to take on these side objectives. I will say whenever you go, please do be prepared, otherwise, you will get ripped to shreds. Who knows you could be rewarded with a cool gun that needs a piece that’s across town.

As far as movement and control wise I can definitely say the game feels better than it did before. Not that it felt bad , o begin with but, it feels a bit more polished and refined. The cool aspect of this game is that yes, you can choose to go all out Rambo which I don’t recommend or approach with stealth. This is where items like empty bottles come in hand, so you distract the some of the creatures towards somewhere else. Some situations might require both if you set it up the right way.

Another cool thing that’s added to the gameplay is that you can now craft items to help you survive these horrors. You can craft ammo, healing items, and set traps. This definitely comes in handy when you need to make different arrows for the bow you get or when you finally get that piece you needed for the cool gun you found all the way across the other side of town. The best part is there’s no crafting table needed.

When it comes to the scares in the game you’ll notice they’re not usually where you would expect them to be placed. This makes it unpredictable and being unpredictable is the best thing to have in any horror game. Hell, there were moments where I had to go down a dark hallway and was like ” Nah I’m good. I think I’ll stay right here”. There also some intense moments when you’re being chased or have to hide. Some of the creatures you face in this game also have this raw, disturbing, look and behavior to them. There will be moments when you will feel uncomfortable in situations due to being low on items.

Overall The Evil Within 2 gives chills, thrills and reminds me that not all good horror games are in the first person. The map isn’t small but, it’s not overwhelmingly big. I also like being able to roam and look for items that I’ll probably need later on. Plus, you’re not really rushed to do the main missions. For me, that’s a huge positive for me. I didn’t really find anything to nip pick at. I give The Evil Within 2, 4 out of 5 paws!

This is ShadowJin closing out and until next time remember gamers…GAME ON




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