Geforce Giving Mac Users a way to Play PC Games

You know gamers, I’ve been wanting a fair ground for gamers for many years. I mean it is a choice when some people choose either console, PC or in most cases make because that is the go-to system for those that don’t want to get technical with their computers. There are some that make PC/Mac hybrids so they can have the best of both worlds, even if the industry doesn’t see a way that can be lucrative. However, thanks to my homie NITBosch hitting me up this gem coming from NVIDIA featuring Geforce available for Mac Users in which they can stream video games that were only for PC.

I have tested out GeForce Now on my Uncles Shield device and it is pretty solid for what you can do and uses all but your internet connection as it promises high-quality games to play as stated.

“Bring your favorite PC* games to life at max settings, with smooth framerates—all powered by NVIDIA graphics cards in the cloud. All you need is a good internet connection, and to be located in North America or Europe**.”

The kicker is that this feature right now is in beta, but if you live outside of the United States there is a waiting list for you to sign up for. The good news is that GeForce now for Mac users will have a full list of games for you to dive into which I picked out a few that are on my own personal list.

  1. Hellblade: Suana’s Sacrifice
  2. The Surge
  3. Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY
  4. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  5. Tekken 7
  6. Poncho
  7. Shadow Warrior 2
  8. Hard Reset: Redux
  9. Ark Survival
  10. Destiny 2

And so much more….

I will have my colleague from Monte’s Mayhem test out this new feature and see if it lives up to what they are promising because when trying to download the PC version I noticed that it requires certain specs.

In that, be sure to hit up the NVIDIA site to try out the GeForce Now which is offering your first month for free and after your first month, it is $7.99 which also grants offers to buy some of the titles. Check back for a full review on the Mac. – Beast Out


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