Masters of Anima Announcement

The things you do for love. You gain master leveling by training your wizard butt off in other to control the life force. Otto the once apprentice is now ready to tie the not as his beloved Ana, but of course, things go a different way when the forces of evil want to rise up and ruin his happy ending. Time to kick some mystical booty!

“Go to the aid of your future bride using the powers of Anima to summon an army of magical Guardians in your quest to defeat Zahr’s dreaded Golems. Learn to control new types of Guardians, each with their own unique talents and abilities, to help you explore the vast world of Spark and take down the formidable bosses that stand in your way. As you rack up victories, acquire new powers and abilities for both yourself and your Guardians to become a true Master of Anima.”

Yes, we are back to the damsel in distress storyline and sadly there is no game footage to show off what they are talking about. However, there are some lovely screenshots for you to enjoy. It is up to you to make quick and vital decisions as you will have a horde backing you up which will consist of 100 guardians at times. It sounds like an RTS style game if you ever played Brutal Legends controlling a vast army to execute different abilities or Diablo.


  • Raise up to 100 Guardians at once to help you during exploration and fight, and manage them at the tip of your fingers.
  • Strategy is key. Summon 5 types Guardians with their unique abilities and take on huge monsters in frenetic combat.
  • Manage your Anima closely. This magical, all-around resource is key to combat, puzzle solving & exploration.
  • Earn more XP to expand Otto and his Guardians’ abilities if you perform well in combat.

There is no official release date yet, but be sure to check back for future updates and hopefully a trailer when it is available. – Beast Out

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