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Special shoutout to Amarilys for pointing out this topic to me, thank you. So, rewards are meant for those that earn them correct? I think so and it has been talked about for years ever since Achievements and Trophies became a thing. People started feeling like they needed more from what they did in games, especially when acknowledging your accomplishments is just not enough. Honestly, for me, I’ve never thought about using my trophies or achievements to unlock something physical. It is a nice thought but wasn’t on my agenda, I just want to play games. So, today originally posted by about the Sony Rewards Pass.

I signed up for it for years, but it was one of those sign up and forget you had it kind of deals, but since I only play games and use no other service on my PS3 and PS4, this is actually interesting. Well at least until reading the terms and details. Here is where I get worried about “reward programs” because they sound good in an advertisement, but then you realize it doesn’t apply to you or it is not as sweet as you think. Here is the program breakdown.

  • 100 Silver trophies – 100 points
  • 25 Gold trophies – 250 points
  • 10 Platinum trophies – 1000 points

The only thing that is not stated in the list is what each will give you beyond the points and as I kept reading.

“Having 1000 points is enough to get you $10 in PlayStation Store credit though, so saving up your points can get you a brand new game while spending them quicker can earn you some quick-and-easy microtransactions.”

Oh, Hell No! All right here is my problem there are those that trophy hunt and I know some people with 40 or more platinum trophies since the beginning of trophies. Now I myself don’t have nearly as much as my friends do, but I do have a fair amount of Gold and Silver Trophies. If 1000 points only give you $10 then I am going to give you the side eye on this one. Granted I am pretty sure I have more than a thousand points accumulated which is great and I could buy a game I want. But again we come to a problem where I go to the site to get started and it doesn’t track.

So, all my work means nothing until I start right now…hmmm not excited about that since if I link my PSN account you should have a counter that tracks my progress or my trophies and let me know. Some could argue that is not fair and I say, “Hush your mouth!” It isn’t fair that they won’t track your all around trophy progress.

Well, going to give this a go anyway and I will report back and see what happens. This might take a while though, but I shall keep you posted on this. – Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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  • depends kuma…but then again i havent touched my ps3 in like six months.
    my ps4 i only stream movies with so ill take my free sony cash XD * with the points i earned through trophies NATCH * cus free money is still free money right .

    • my main problem is they are not tracking all your trophies unless you started the tracker already. I have a problem with that.

      • wait , so you saying no um RETROACTIVE points …..
        ugh . never mind .dont care then ….ill stick to streaming my movies .

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