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The Caligula Effect – Review (PS Vita)

How is it going Dudes and Dudettes, bringing first impressions on The Caligula Effect, new gem coming out May 2nd in North America and May 9th in Europe. It is good to note that this was already released in Japan June 23rd, 2016.

Dreadnought – First Impressions (PS4 – Closed Beta)

Hey there internutz, we’re bringing you my first impressions on Dreadnought; currently, in its Closed Beta Stages on PS4, this game is creme de la creme. However, you can download it meow for PC.

Mechrunner – Review (PS4)

What’s going on dudes and dudettes, and I’m bringing you my first series of First Impressions with Mechrunner, available meow on PS4 and PC.

Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind Patch Notes Released

Hey dudes and dudettes, breaking news.

New patch notes have been released for the new update coming on June 6th. All of these are active on the Public Test Server.

Mega Man – Legacy Collection – Revisited

It’s been 20 years since the blue bomber hero, ROCKMAN a.k.a MEGA MAN debuted on the Nintendo Entertainment System. And to celebrate its Legacy, Capcom has released a collection of 6 classic games to the PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, Nintendo 3DS, and for iOs and Android as well. I know this came out a while back, but never had the chance to make a proper review, so here it is.

Uncharted – The Lost Legacy DLC

What’s going on internutz, and oh boy! We are getting an Uncharted DLC August 22nd, 2017!! Free if you own a copy of Uncharted 4 or sold as a stand-alone.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will follow Chloe Frazer, with a Nadine Ross, which we saw in the closing series of Nathan Drake. Follow the hyperlink below if you want to spoil yourselves with 9 min gameplay.

What I will do, however, is watch over and over again the most recent trailer.

Playstation Plus – Games Preview – April

What’s up Dudes and Dudettes! It is your boy minddust bringing you this Month’s PlayStation Plus games: “Drawn To Death” and “Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime” that last one rolls off your tongue.

ESO: Morrowind Update Announcement

What’s going on Dudes and Dudettes! The next biggest update for The Elder Scrolls Online will be coming this June! (Free if you own ESO+). And wow, this one is coming out with frosted chills and wild animals for an ultimate experience!

BF1 | They Shall Not Pass Easter Eggs News & Info

Hey there internutz, and oooh boy! What we got here for you today is simply mind blowing!

It has only been one week since Battlefield 1’s DLC launched for premium, and already there are 6 Easter Eggs found on all 4 maps. Just to be clear, there’s is no known connection with The Morse Code Easter Egg, where you had to decode a special code given to each player. No, these are simply little tokens of appreciation to the @BFEEcommunity from DICE, or so it seems.

Playstation Plus – Games Preview – March

What’s up Dudes and Dudettes! It is the dust in your mind, the newest addition to KumaZoku Entertainment! The one and only minddust_1792. Bringing you a fresh side to this site, previewing the monthly games that Playstation Network has in store for us, FREE to all PlayStation Plus members. We will be riding on many different game genres, such as Sports, Action/Adventures, Puzzle/Platformers, First Person Shooters, Survivals, and some Role-playing Games.

But for now let us go ahead and bring forth this Month’s PlayStation Plus games: