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Prey – First Impression

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma

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Sup gamers and welcome to our first impression of the first hour into Prey which the demo is available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I have not played Prey since the Xbox 360 days and was waiting for a sequel until it was scrapped. It seemed Human Head Studios were going into a new direction at the time with you as a bounty hunter. It has been years and now Bethesda this time with Arkane Studios is taking another shot at the Prey title with a reboot.

Dreadnought – First Impressions (PS4 – Closed Beta)


Guest Writers One and All.

Hey there internutz, we’re bringing you my first impressions on Dreadnought; currently, in its Closed Beta Stages on PS4, this game is creme de la creme. However, you can download it meow for PC.