DICEvsCommunity Event St Patty’s Special

The Ultimate Showdown is upon us in the big DICE Vs Community on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC. More »

Its Xbox Turn for Subscription Game Service

A new Subscription coming from Xbox called Xbox Pass is coming soon this Spring. More »

Remastered Story Trailer Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

New Remastered Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Remastered Story to Share. More »

PC Requirements for Mass Effect: Andromeda

We have the PC requirements for the next installment to the Mass Effect series. More »

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Remastered Edition

Turok 2 remastered coming to PC soon. More »


Playstation Plus – Games Preview – March

What’s up Dudes and Dudettes! It is the dust in your mind, the newest addition to KumaZoku Entertainment! The one and only minddust_1792. Bringing you a fresh side to this site, previewing the monthly games that Playstation Network has in store for us, FREE to all PlayStation Plus members. We will be riding on many different game genres, such as Sports, Action/Adventures, Puzzle/Platformers, First Person Shooters, Survivals, and some Role-playing Games.

But for now let us go ahead and bring forth this Month’s PlayStation Plus games:

The Surge Battles Stronger, Faster, Tougher in New Trailer

If Exo-Squad had a beginning it would be The Surge and big points if you know the cartoon I am referring to. In this latest cinematic trailer giving you a tease at what exactly you are doing as this stronger, tougher and faster soldier as you dawn this exo-suit. We have posted many previews of full gameplay giving you an idea what to expect, so this cinematic action trailer is just icing on the cake. Check it out!

Disney Afternoon Collection from Capcom

Retro is coming back in a huge way with some famed Disney classic video games. Capcom decided to unleash new information today of a Disney Afternoon collection, which is a compilation of six games that feature some old school cartoon characters from my childhood. The best thing about getting home after school was catching up with that afternoon hours before the evening shows began.

Multiplayer Rundown in ME: Andromeda

I do remember the debut of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 and I am glad that it is making a comeback in Mass Effect: Andromeda. The best part of the multiplayer is its co-op ability and that it is horde based. In this video, you will get a rundown of tips, character classes and the advantage of this mode.

Styx: Shards of Darkness is Available Today

Don’t you just love a good release day? Be it a physical copy or a digital one, it is always nice to see a fresh new game that is ready to be explored. Today on both PC and Consoles Styx: Shards of Darkness is finally available.

BF1 “They Shall Not Pass” Live Stream

Today marks a new day for you battlefielders out there. Today is the day for those of you with a premium to embark on new missions and take on new soldiers with “They Shall Not Pass” DLC two weeks before the initial release. This is a glorious day and here we have a video from yesterday’s live stream. Check it out!

Sonic Mania Green Hill Preview

Sonic the Hedgehog was the reason that my hand-eye coordination upgraded. I don’t think I would have been good at any fast paced game if it weren’t for the blue speed demon. Sonic Mania is the latest game coming out that will give players a classic style to the next gen consoles. There is a high level of nostalgia involved giving fans new and old a trip to memory lane. Here we have a preview of one of the levels with commentary from the developers.

Early Access Reminder for ME: Andromeda

I feel the need to make sure you the readers are clear that I am not sponsored by EA or Bioware and have no deals to take advantage of. I am a consumer just like you who sees something amazing to share with you the gamers. In that being said, who loves early access? I adore it when it is done right and for those that have EA Access and Origin Access will be able to play Mass Effect: Andromeda on March 16th, 2017 for ten hours.

Vulnerable Exploit Hacks Nintendo Switch

I have to go into my memories to think at one point did I first have a modded system? It had to be the PlayStation 1. Before you judge me and think I stole from the companies, NO! I had mines modded to play import titles that were expensive as hell and besides there were only a handful of people that knew how to burn PS1 and Sega Saturn games at the time. Through the years hacking or modding systems have become difficult, but that tends to happen once the information is known and becomes popular. People demand too much or brag about it too much and it ends up being counter attacked with updates or hack sweeps like what happened with the Xbox 360. This time around it is the Nintendo Switch turn to be opened up and accessed.

Injustice 2 Beta Hands on Preview

What’s up, ladies and gentlemen! It’s ShadowJin here and today I’m bringing you a lovely hands-on preview on one of the most anticipated fighters of the year Injustice 2! If you’re not familiar with the series, Injustice isn’t just a game but, is also based off of the popular comic series that puts DC heroes and villains in an odd situation with the world’s strongest hero as the world’s biggest threat. Harley Quinn is working with Batman, Damian Wayne is on Superman’s side, and a bunch of other mind blown moments. Now let’s jump forward to Injustice 2.