Spider-man Thwips Through E3

Shadowjin shares his excitement for Marvel\'s Spider-man coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. More »

Ladies’ War III: Tekken 7 Tournament

Miss Kanzuki is running an all Female fight club on Tekken 7 coming this June 30th. More »

Is the Crew 2 Overwhelming?

Sharing thoughts on The Crew 2 announcement. More »

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite E3 and Story Demo

Finally a demo of Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite on PlayStation 4 and Shadowjin here with his take. More »

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Reaction

Kikee here with her take on the new Dragonball Fighter Z coming from ArcSystem games. More »


New Yoshi for the Switch

Hey, guys! The temperatures maybe climbing, but after E3 2017 it seems some people’s hype gauges just flat lined. Now that the shows over I’ve been hearing mixed feelings about the whole thing. Granted I didn’t think it was all bad as some of my cohorts did but hey a depleted hype gauge is no laughing matter for a gamer. It’s a terrible condition really symptoms include excessive ranting, bringing on old titles for the sheer purpose of nostalgia, and hesitation to buy upcoming titles. Thankfully there was one title this year the kicked my hype gauge into overdrive! Now Dissidia 3, I’ve known about and I’ve adjusted to getting trolled with Kingdom Hearts 3. So what game is it that’s got me through the moon you ask? Yoshi for the Switch of course!

Spider-man Thwips Through E3

What’s up, everybody! Its ShadowJin here and it’s has been an eventful week with all the news about the new games coming out soon or in the near future. One of those games that have caught my interest is the Sony new exclusive Spider-Man title. Now although this game was shown during E3 last year, we were never shown any gameplay. Well, this year we were given a live demo presentation of what the Web-Head can actually do. Let’s just say it’s the Spider-Man game we’ve been wanting.

Ladies’ War III: Tekken 7 Tournament

It is that time to Rumble! Ladies, Amazons, Valkyries, Furies, Daughters of Mars and much more are welcome to this arena with the best of the best women face off on the digital battlefield. This is Ladies War 3 an invite only match that will be live streamed for all viewers. These gamers button mash like no other, inputting the combos needed to juggle their opponents into submission or if a level permits it a ring out.

Extinction Gameplay E3 Footage

The content continues and now finally get a closer look at Extinction and even though it is still in Pre-Alpha we needed an idea of what to expect!

Is the Crew 2 Overwhelming?

Have you ever over eaten before? How about the first time around it was bad and then you go round too and add more on before improving it before consuming? No? Well, I sure have been in that situation and I know you are wondering, “Kuma, wtf does this have to do with the Crew 2?” That is a good question because after playing the first title which was not too bad, but the racing mechanics and some glitches needed improving. There were some networking issues too that made it frustrating since it was supposed to be an open world game but could not connect half the time. E3 2017 Ubisoft conference finally showed a trailer and gameplay footage and all I could say was…

Whose Ready for Fortnite?

There are probably quite a few of you with the founders pack trying out Fortnite as we speak, but for those that do not know of this 4 player co-op adventure. We are the last line of defense in crafting superior defensive compounds in order to deal with waves of enemies. Here is an E3 trailer showcasing the mechanics, gameplay, and classes you will utilize in Fortnite!

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite E3 and Story Demo

I can start off by saying………. HOLY $#!% we’ve got some big news for Marvel vs Capcom fans! Yesterday during Sony’s E3 presentation, they showed off a brand new trailer for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and I can tell you that I literally started dancing around the room after being shocked and awed by what I had seen. New characters were revealed, returning characters were shown, and as well as more insight on exactly how big this story is going to be. Oh, and did I mention the part that they dropped a Story Demo the same night….. Yes, you read that right. A gameplay demo for download on PS4 and Xbox One. The trailer shows Dante, Rocket Racoon, Spencer, Doctor Strange, Arthur, Zero, Nova, Strider and the Purple Titan himself Thanos are coming back into the fight as returning characters. As for the newcomers, we see Gamora and Black Panther in the story cinematics.

That Monster Hunter World Though

Okay, so last night I went to the Sony experience thinking the reveal of Monster Hunter World was an exclusive title. I was just excited and shut my mind out of all of its glory. I am a glaive user in the 3Ds version and having to farm all those hours hunting, carving and burning of meats. It was an awesome adventure to be had. Now that I have all the information I am even more excited to learn that Monster Hunter is coming to Xbox One and PC as well. Let’s take a gander at that trailer.

Kuma’s Sony E3 Experience

Special shout out to my VGtidbits peoples for always hooking me up with event information. So, headed to Union Square last night to check out the free event for Sony E3 Experience for the third year and as always you get the annoyance of the fanboys and many of them have those annoying Uncle/Dad jokes that make you cringe. But the atmosphere is always good with the right people that are there just for the purpose of what to expect next from Sony. Did it live up to our expectations?

Xbox One X not bad at $499

I am going to get crucified, but whatever! So the Xbox One Scorpio is now called the Xbox One X, so get ready for the X1X short form which is dope sounding already. Now the kicker here was the reveal of the price range that was like pulling teeth for the reveal. The tagline is the XBOX ONE X, “The Most Powerful Console Ever Made!” I gave a side eye too but let’s take a look at those specs.