Customization 101 in NFS Payback

Customization video is live now for Need For Speed Payback is looking pretty good. More »

European Deadzone Getaway in Destiny 2

Took a closer look into the Destiny 2 Beta on the PlayStation 4. More »

Razer SFV Panthera Arcade Stick

Bring on the new Street Fighter V Panthera Arcade Stick. More »

Re: Legends Dual Swords & Armor Designs

New things happening with Re: Legend and it is looking good! More »

Closed Alpha Update for Nelo

Latest Pre-Alpha Footage of Nelo is up! More »


Yakuza Kiwami DLC Intel Dropped

Hey guys! I’m back once again, with…you know? None other than Yakuza Kiwami news! Now for those of you who already pre-ordered the game pay attention because aside from the awesome goodies you’ll be awarded, Kiwami has a ton of DLC to spice things up! But what else would you expect from Sega’s masterpiece of a series? It’s never a dull moment with Yakuza. Are you still on the fence about getting this latest Yakuza video game? Well, hear me out dear sitters of the fence!

Splatoon 2 Apparel Makes a Splash

You know what I love about being a gamer, geek, and nerd all at once? All the cool things you can enjoy and collect at the same time. I enjoy gaming apparel the most and it shows how dedicated you are to what you love. Right now it is going to be a Splatoon Fest as EditMode is releasing a new line of Splatoon 2 mesh caps for you fans out there of the combat paint splatter game on the Nintendo Switch.

Deadly Alliance First Impression

Zombie games are quite popular as many of you know, so Deadly Alliance promises to give us a new take on the survival horror genre by weaponizing the undead. Right now we are playing on the PlayStation 4 and by we, I mean Lady Arsenic joins the fight as she is the leading expert when it comes to zombie titles. This is an open beta on the PlayStation 4, so let us dive into it and see if it is worth it.

Pressure Overdrive Review

You know what I can’t stand? When your morning is interrupted right when the Sun shines in your room in the right way, getting on your swim gear only to jump into a big pile of dirt. Leaves you with that “What in the a**?” kind of feeling. All of your precious water being sucked away by these little crap stains of robots for this evil man using your natural source to make money for his company…what does a citizen do? Get into your modified buggy and go fix this problem asap that is what! Welcome to this eccentric review of Pressure Overdrive out now for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Time to join La Resistance!

PlayStation Plus Free Games Looking Better

I will not sugar coat it that I have been salty with the free games for PlayStation Plus for a while now. However, since the beginning of Spring 2017 they have stepped up their game giving away some decent titles for free. This time around we have the August line up that will impress you.

Customization 101 in NFS Payback

Here we are on this Wednesday with a trailer reveal coming from Need for Speed showing off the customization in Payback. However, after watching the trailer I was impressed, but a bit under-whelmed.

Games with Gold August 2017

Games with gold is looking for August 2017 with some pretty sweet games being released for free to Xbox Gold members. The announcement comes today and I would hope you took advantage of some of the free titles in July before time runs out.

Tricked out Rides in Need for Speed

Sorry for the click bait style title, but not really click bait since most of you know that the new Need for Speed: Payback will feature some intense customization. Today on twitter the developers did give us a tasty look at some neon light add-ons for the upcoming street racing title. Let’s see that tweet.

PS4 Update may Allow us to Change our Gamertag

Bring on the Monday news good people and keep in mind this is not concrete information, but checking out Eusgamer blog talking about the firmware update 50 coming from Sony soon might allow us to finally change our gamertags.

European Deadzone Getaway in Destiny 2

Nothing like a summer get away to the back woods right after your base is destroyed and your powers are stripped away from you. What does one do with all that free time? Do we regroup and plan a strategy of attack against this stronger Cabal enemy? Of course, we don’t, no sir we go out to the cabin in the woods to play soccer duh! Welcome back all as we update you on the latest stress test update for Destiny 2 beta and I am here with Lady Arsenic to share the experience. This latest stress test does not give us a huge raid or a new event that we all could test out. Instead, they just dropped a whole bunch of us in this closed area to explore what we can and as Lady stated to dance on everything possible. Check out her live stream video showing off the experience.