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Love of Underdogs, but not the Comebacks


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There are different kinds of comebacks. There is the typical kind, like in boxing where Ippo makes a comeback to win. A perfect example is his fight against Woli where just one hit at a time, a small goal to a bigger result was needed to come back and win. Another kind is the rehash; a return from obscurity by remaking what they know is a winner. Sadly this has been the bane of most people and has resulted in some real hit or misses (Tmnt, GI Joe, countless versions of Superman). Last is the remake, similar to the rehash, but without going against the original it is more about just making it prettier. Examples include Star wars and countless games which got a face lift for the next gen consoles.

Better Watch That Beat Comin’ at ya! Jet Set Radio Toy Preview

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma

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The Jet Set Radio series is one of those retro titles that I believe every gamer should have in their collection. Since its re-release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3; it brought back so many memories from when I first played on the Sega Dreamcast. In that please check out these images of the upcoming Beat figure from Jet Set Radio.